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FEWSS PROJECT   -- food, energy, water, sanitation  & shelter

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Community and Business Resiliency Optimization: Working for a More Resilient Tomorrow.

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October 7 2019 

Sustainability is not the same as Resiliency!

We will provide a copy of final PPT

Our esteemed 4 Presenters are State, Regional and Local Experts in Homeland Security, Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Response.  Concensus:  Energy Assurance Plans are important!

Contact Rebecca to learn more....

We will be circulating a survey AT the conference and will begin reporting on our Resiliency Findings....later in the week.   Stay tuned!

Meet our all-star Panel members and advisors for the panel:

Meet Kyle Overly, MEMA


Kyle is a Certified Energy Manager and a State leader in Disaster Risk Mitigation...and shared MEMA inights into elements of a solid PLAN and responses  for many hazards. 

Meet Patrick coming events


Patrick's background is in Transportation Planning...and represented both Montgomery County's leadership in Public Safety Microgrids and the University's emerging roles in Homeland Security.

Meet the Honorable Mayor Ralph Salvagno -- Town of Hancock, MD


Mayor Salvagno is an orthopedic surgeon and compared the required depth and scope of a public safety emergency plan to a patients' risk reduction and surgical recovery plan.  

Meet Matthew Pennington, Region 9, WV & MD, Sustainability and Disaster Risk Mitigation Planning


Matthew's territory covers West Virginia and certain Maryland counties.  Concenrns include adequacy of risk mitigatio local planning for clean-water contamination,  stormwater, chemical spills and other water-related catastrophes...some sudden and some with more potential to mitigate.  

Our 4 Presenters --- Contact Info is Available by Request.


If you would like a downladable clpy in pdf format of the entire program, " If My Community is Sustainable...are we also Resilient?" send a note to energy@fewss.org or call Rebecca at 301-797-4146.

Meet Rebecca Rush, organizer and moderator (FEWSS Project)


FEWSS Project is supporting Energy Resiliency Achievement and Dividends Metrics.    In the National Infrastructure Protection Plan,  almost every service, public and private, would be impacted with a long-term energy problem...and we are dedicated to researching, teaching, providing technical assistance power continuity solutions  and and "Resililency Dividend" estimations. 


confidential Energy Assurance Benchmarking and mitigation

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About Us

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping Rural Communities become  Resilient...with the energy-infrastructure to be Prosperous...and Secure.  To help  you and your neighbors Shelter in Place or accept Evacuees....especially during power-loss emergencies.  With good planning and solid solutions Human and Monetary Losses will be reduced.  Our TEAMS provide Technical Assistance and Training for Rural Communities.

FEWSS = Food, Energy, Water, Sanitation and Shelter


The COMMON ELEMENT for these Critical Infrastructure Decisions is ENERGY...what happens if our electric power goes out?  Can Farms produce Food?  Can I refrigerate my medications?  Will elevators work? 

Will my Water be Clean?  Can my Business keep operating? Check with YOUR Community Leaders about local Resiliency & Energy Assurance Plans. 

Thank You


Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you.