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FEWSS PROJECT   -- food, energy, water, sanitation  & shelter

Resiliency Optimization -- Support a FEWSS PROJECT  Today


Needs Assessments -- Risks

Gearing up to support rural local governments, businesses, counties and associations identify risks and improve resiliency starting with improved  strategic planning and budgeting.   Our expertise is in Rural Microgrids for Community Facilities and Schools...and Energy Assurance Planning...

Specializing in Community Facilities

Local governments accept a huge obligation during, accidential or human-provoked, the result is the same...people need food, energy, water, sanitation and shelter.   Does your community have the necessary power continuity plan?  Do your locations have 72 hours...or more ...of logistical support?  Professional and voluntary  directors who know what to do  until skilled responders arrive?

Rural Business Continuity Planning

Using tools and techniques of business interruption risk mitigation, we can help keep the right amount of electricity delivered for your most-critical keep running or get back to business ASAP.  Keeping jobs.  Keeping orders fulfilled....

Community Civic Leadership

Leaders in their Communities might be called upon to also be leaders in their Neighborhoods, Churches or other Voluntary Organizations.  We can help Stakeholders like you and your Group be prepared to provide meaningful support. 

Teaming with CT Center for Advanced Technology (CCAT) on USDA Grant Application!

FEWSS and CCAT Leaders agree that there should be a better way to undestand what Local Governments need to become more Resilient.  We are proposing a new Pilot Project for Benchmarking   Assessments, Cost-Projections for Improvements, Resiliency "Dividends", Technical Assistance and Traning Program....for Maryland And Connecticut Stakeholders.  

Gaps in Critical Infrastructure are EVERYONE'S problem.. No Agency can Do this Alone

We need to "Deepen the Bench" in Resiliency Planning... allow Communities to have our Rural Resiliency Rating System to compare with one another... and ensure that "Resiliency" is clearly different from "Sustainability."  Both important objectives...but an environmentally sustainable business or community may not be very its ability to reduce risks/recover faster from infrastructure challenges.  We can help! 

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